Traditional Tai Chi Chuan
The Authentic Art is Internal
Feel the Difference

Strong Body, Still Mind

Un­like most forms of exercise and sport, Tai Chi doesn’t rely on strength, force and speed, which makes it ideal for everyone – young and old, strong or not. There are three main aspects to learning the traditional Chinese art:


  • Centralising Chi (Energy)
  • Circulating Chi (Energy)
  • Applying Chi (Energy)

Centralising Chi (Energy)

The first element focuses on bringing the energy – Chi – to the Tan Tien point in the abdomen. We do this through Chi Kung at the start of every class. It quietens the mind and relaxes the body

Circulating Chi (Energy)

The second element is the Tai Chi Chuan form, which circulates the Chi through the body. This what most people mean when they think of Tai Chi – the moving sequence of postures that is so attractive to watch

Applied Chi (Energy)

The third element is the application of Chi in partner exercises known as Gau Sau, or exchange of hands, to experience Tai Chi Principles in practice. It is a chance for both parties to help each other refine movements and postures and gain better insight and understanding of applied energy

The Master Ding Academy

Established since 1990 and exists to preserve and promote authentic Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. We teach the traditional Chinese art, passed down through the Yang Style lineage, from Yang Lu Chan (1799-1872) to the present day.
Master John Ding
6th Generation Lineage Holder - Yang Style Tai Chi

Our Classes

Explore your Options

Evening and Daytime Classes

For Regular Learning and improving health.

They are open to all to all levels. If you are a beginner in Northampton or Birmingham, just contact us, letting us know which class accepting beginners you’d like to try and you can normally start immediately. 


If you’ve already got Tai Chi experience we’ll notice very quickly and we will do our best to ensure classes meet your need to move forwards.

Private Group and Bespoke work

For small groups or one off sessions

Interested in running a closed class for staff in your company or for your organisation? Or perhaps you’d prefer to learn privately 1-1 or in a more exclusive? 

A dedicated group class can help:
Focus on specific aspects of tai chi such as mindfulness, relaxation.
Development advanced aspects of tai chi.

Be more appropriate if you require discretion or you find classes with strangers are not your best way of learning.
Group facilitators are available across Northamptonshire and further afield. Contact us to discuss your requirements


Improve your understanding of tai chi principles

In workshops we focus on the Tai Chi principles at the core of the true internal art and their application within the form. Attending any of these will help you further your understanding and improve your Tai Chi skills. Open to members and non-members. Choose your topic and book your place. 

Private Lessons

Available on Request

One-to-one tuition is an option.


Available at the Deeper Being Training Cabin in Northampton, or at your location. Please get in touch for further details.

Masterclasses with Master Ding

At MDA HQ in Limehouse London

Master Ding hosts masterclasses in many European cities, including London. From single day events to week long Retreats.
Open sessions are available for all to attend. These offer an opportunity to experience traditional Tai Chi Chuan with a lineage holder of the ancient Chinese art. Check the calendar, book your place.

Instructor Development

Improve your quality of teaching

An academy is only as good as the teaching it offers. MDA Instructors undergo continuous personal development to ensure they are not only continuing to build on their own Tai Chi skills but are also refining their teaching approach so that students will benefit. Contact MDA HQ for more details about our instructor training programme:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Tai Chi

Tai Chi

The Tai Chi Chuan form is a soft, flowing, low-impact exercise uniquely beneficial to everybody – regardless of age, sex or health. People have achieved great results by using Tai Chi Chuan to rebuild mental and physical strength, relieve the effects of muscle/joint disorders, lower blood pressure, manage stress and many other conditions. At more advanced levels you can use fast, slow, powerful or relaxed movement. So the opportunity is there to increase the scope of what you do as your strength, health and skills improve. At each stage the choice is yours

People start Tai Chi Chuan for all sorts of reasons – from meeting new people to keeping fit. We support all students in whatever their endeavours may be and welcome everyone whatever their religious background. There are no religious connotations to what we offer at Master Ding Academy
Learning traditional yang style tai chi follows the methods passed down by the Yang family masters. The benefits and rewards are enormous for those who continue on the journey. Health aspects and martial skill are explored in your practice, through testing your understanding of the tai chi principles. It is this facet which allows the practitioner to reach the higher levels of tai chi in a much faster development time.
Of the thousands of people who take up Tai Chi, only a few will actually develop enough skill to teach, and fewer still have the ability to truly demonstrate the Tai Chi principles, expressing Tai Chi’s legendary softness. Master Ding is fully committed to transmitting this art to those who continue to work and improve the quality of their Tai Chi. All MDA instructors are regularly assessed to ensure that they maintain the high standard expected. Further, Master Ding is accessible to students and instructors through workshops, seminars and retreats.

There has been much study on the benefits of tai chi, however it all starts with you. Regular practice both at home and class will allow you to begin the journey of aligning the body, calming the mind, and developing the spirit. 

Although Mastery in Tai Chi takes a long time through discipline, perseverance and practice to reach the higher levels of understanding, not everyone desires to be a Master. Access the health benefits through regular practice and one will notice the difference within 6 weeks, 6 months, and 1 year. 

Yes, many of our students come from a range of backgrounds including shiatsu, reflexology, yoga, reiki etc. Tai Chi Chuan can give you greater insight into many different disciplines and lot of students will find the principles of tai chi to be complementary or advance the related principles of other disciplines.

Starting A Class

No special clothing or equipment is needed ? Clothing like jogging bottoms and a t-shirt and a warm top to keep at a comfortable temperature during class is recommended.

A flat soled shoe like a plimsoll is ideal, but trainers are fine.  

You can normally start immediately, just come along to the next class that says it accepts beginners. As a courtesy, please contact the instructor responsible first.  

Tai chi is famous for many health benefits associated with its practice, but it is important to realise that tai chi in itself is not a direct cure. Tai Chi works through improving posture and circulation of energy within the body and through this holistic process promotes general well being. 

Start your Journey

Take your first step and begin a class – or find out more.