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All MDA instructors are required to undergo professional development through ongoing training and assessment by Master Ding personally.
Lead Tai Chi Instructor Northampton
Lead Instructor

Nick Cheang

Tai Chi

Nick started martial arts over 40 years ago, devoting himself to Tai Chi Chuan in 1999. He taught and learnt Tai Chi under Master Ding full-time before moving to Northampton and becoming the Lead Representative for the midlands region of Master Ding Academy. He continues to develop his art through intensive training with Master Ding. 



He is available for classes, private lessons, workshops, intensive courses, demos and team building/event experiences. He currently teaches people from Northampton, Birmingham and surrounding areas and in diverse locations online too.


 In the 20 years of martial arts prior to beginning Tai Chi he gained extensive experience in Wing Chun (instructor level), Wu Shu Kwan (Chinese Kickboxing), Sun Yee Do (a mixture of 5 animal style Shaolin and Hsing-i) and Judo.


 Media and Partnerships

Nick has been in a TV documentary, DVD, corporate show reel and several radio interviews regarding Tai Chi.


He also partners with many bodies to provide Tai Chi such as: HMP prison service, various retirement homes and communities, Age UK, Leisure Centres, different martial arts groups, festivals, Councils and Museums, schools, charity events and staff well being days as well as being the private Tai Chi tutor for some notable individuals. The list constantly expands and changes as projects naturally start, end or evolve.  


 Body Therapy

Nick also treats people with his own effective body therapy which he calls ‘Tai Chi Massage Therapy’, which he has been developing since first beginning to massage in 1988. It draws on the principles of many techniques that he has been exposed to such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, shiatsu, swedish massage, trigger point, accupressure, cranial sacral therapy, tissue unwinding, intuitive healing, reiki, reflexology, tui na, psychic healing/surgery and chi kung therapy. In execution it uses advanced Tai Chi Chuan knowledge and understanding of internal energy (chi), using merging, listening and ‘cleaning up the chi flow’ to feel how to treat the client and achieve their objectives based around the Tai Chi model for health. 


t: 07984 748712

    Tai Chi and Meditation Instructor Northampton

    Rachael Cheang BSc. MSc.

    Rachael has been engaging in various meditation practices for over 25 years and has studied with many different spiritual groups and teachers, each of which have given her extremely valuable insights. She has gained an MSc. in Mindfulness and Compassion with distinction from Coventry University and is now doing a PhD researching the effects of mindfulness on alexithymia and autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).


    In April 2019 she had a systematic review published in The Journal Of Child And Family Studies on the effects of mindfulness on empathy and compassion in children and adolescents, which you can read here. She is a British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA) registered teacher, qualified to teach the Mindfulness Association’s 8 week Mindfulness Based Living Course and Compassion Based Living Course. She also teaches within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and is a trustee of the London Shambhala Meditation Centre. 


    In addition she started Tai Chi Chuan in 2009 and qualified as an instructor in 2013. Her journey continues to deepen her understanding of herself and of life.


    She offers classes, short courses, workshops and retreats in traditional sitting meditation, walking meditation, Buddhist philosophy and secular mindfulness practice. She also offers one-to-one spiritual advice, instruction and mentoring. Further she assists Sifu Nick Cheang in many of his Tai Chi classes as well as running regular classes for Age UK and other community groups.


    Rachael is a qualified massage therapist and Reiki practitioner offering Reiki healing, Swedish Body massage, Thai Herbal Compress massage and Indian Head Massage.

    t: 07949 248892

      Tai Chi Instructor Birmingham

      Ian Hay

      Ian Hay started Tai Chi around 2006/7 and was instantly hooked. After a few years he began to look around for more in depth instruction and after trying a number of different instructors he was introduced to Master Ding in London. Instantly impressed and feeling he could not find a better source elsewhere he committed to learning the MDA approach to Tai Chi Chuan and discovered that there was an area representative teaching in Northampton. Consequently since 2010 he has been travelling from his home in Birmingham to Northampton to take private lessons with Nick Cheang almost every week and attending Nick’s regional Tai Chi workshops and classes whenever he can.

      In addition he travels regularly to London to learn from Master Ding, attending many of his workshops, retreats and intensive training weekends.

      He has been a Master Ding Academy instructor since 2011 and in 2014 set up Master Ding Academy Birmingham accepting the role of principle contact for Birmingham

      t: 07976 808440


        Stephen Randall

        Stephen Randall gained a wide experience of external martial arts through studying a mixture of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Escrima and MMA. In 2002/03 he began his travels into the world of internal martial arts, studying some Yang, Wu and Cheng Man Ching style Tai Chi with instructors who would show the practical side of the art. However after meeting Ian Hay practicing Tai Chi in a park in Birmingham, he was quickly impressed by the information available and kept coming back for more. After a while he arranged to travel with Ian to meet his teacher, Nick Cheang, In Northampton. Since then he has been dedicated to Master Ding Academy Tai Chi, training continuously with Ian and visiting Nick for his regional workshops as well as travelling to train at Master Ding’s workshops and retreats when he can.

        After years in the martial arts Stephen feels he has found his way and currently supports Ian Hay in all the classes and park sessions that he organises in Birmingham as well as meeting up to train with Ian several times a week and maintaining his own daily training regime.

        t: 07976 808440